A Love of Adventure and Each Other

Sarah and I met in the summer of 1998. We began dating shortly thereafter and were married in October of 2001. We were young and just starting out in our careers (Jeremy as a web designer and Sarah as a paralegal), so travel was not a priority for us in those early days of our relationship. Instead, we focused on buying a home and starting a family. Our son, Jacob, was born in 2004 and his sister, Holly, followed in 2006.   

The Birth of Hopeful Wanderings

The seed for "Hopeful Wanderings" was planted in 2015 after Sarah and I took a trip to Iceland. I had celebrated my 40th birthday that year and rather than throw some big party or buy some material item I really did not need, we decided to spend a week in Iceland to (hopefully) see the Northern Lights. The aurora was something we had both always wanted to witness, so we figured this special trip was a perfect excuse to do so.

The trip to Iceland was incredible (it is recounted here), but it was what happened once we returned home that would set the stage for Hopeful Wanderings. As we began to share pictures of our trip on Facebook, our friends and family started to ask us lots and lots of questions. People who had considered a vacation to Iceland came out of the woodwork and asked for our advice on places to go and things to see in the country. As we had these conversations, we realized how much we enjoyed sharing our travel experiences with others. In many ways, it was like capturing the magic of the journey all over again. A year later, Hopeful Wanderings was launched as a way to remember the wonderful experiences we have had and to be able to share that joy with friends, family, and anyone who may find our site informative and enjoyable.

What’s In a Name?

The name “Hopeful Wanderings” was inspired by a song from Mumford and Sons called “Hopeless Wanderer”. That song contains the lyric – “I will share your road”, an idea that really resonated with Sarah and I as we were brainstorming names for this site. We changed the name a bit to reflect the sense of hope and wonder that we feel when we travel, and the hope that we will be able to continue traveling and seeing the world for many years to come.